2 thoughts on “The Real Facebook: High School

  1. I realize that this is not about high school; It’s about sharing our real selves. But… I too only had a couple friends in high school, and mostly felt invincible (wait a minute, I think I mean invisible… or do I ; ) ). I went to my reunion, and really enjoyed it. High school was “over”, and no one cared who was popular then, or who was a big shot now. High school is a social environment that is “created”. Outside that gathering (in the real world), we all just exist as insecure individuals. Those that hold on to their high school popularity as part of their identity are valid (I’m sure), but that is not most. I could not imagine holding on to my high school “unpopularity” as part of who I am today – That just doesn’t make sense. Does it?

    1. You’re so right ? It’s funny how over time we’re all really the same on the inside. A little scared, a little confident, totally human. Thanks for these wise words ?

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