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Perspective, Pompoms, and Chicken Noodle Soup

Today I attempted to simply observe people, rather than assess their potential for violence and vitriol.

It was fun.

First, I saw a short, older, slightly unhappy-looking man walk by. He was wearing worn-out black jeans, a worn-out black jacket, and a worn-out grungy-looking backpack. He was also wearing a wool-knit ski cap with a tassel-y pompom on top. That was interesting.

After first laying eyes on this human being, “Old” Chelsea would have thought, I see an unhappy expression on his face – he must hate me. And who the fuck wears a pompom ski cap?

But now, “New” Chelsea instead thought, I see an unhappy expression on his face – that pompom must be wrecking his hard rock outfit. I wonder if his wife made him wear it? Or perhaps his mother?…Aw, he has a good relationship with his mother. How sweet.

So, all in all, a lot less jarring on my nervous system. In the old scenario, I discovered yet another person who hates my guts and threw a little hatred right back at them. In the new scenario, I got to imagine a tough-looking short guy hugging his mom after she makes him a hot, steamy cup of chicken noodle soup.

From now on, I choose chicken noodle soup.

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