I started this blog in the hopes of inspiring other cubicle-bound creatives to follow their dreams. My goal is to remind them that our worth is not tied up in our jobs, but what we choose to do with the rest of the precious time we have on this earth.

This blog might speak to you if:

– You wanted to study a creative degree in college (writing, art, music), but decided to forgo that route in favor of a “real” career.
– You are currently working a 9-to-5, M-F office job and are attempting to avoid pulling your hair out from the monotony of it.
– You know you need to be a responsible adult and keep your job so you can pay your bills, but secretly all you want to do is quit and follow your creative passion.
– You identify as creative, intuitive, sensitive, empathic, artistic, weird, or gifted.
– You were placed in a Talented and Gifted (TAG) program as a kid and have never quite felt satisfied with anything in your life, let alone your job.
– You just know that there is something more meaningful and impactful that you could be doing with your life, yet you’re not sure how to find it or where to start looking.
– You struggle with anxiety and being yourself around others (I do too, and you’re not alone).

My goals with this blog are to:

– Provide inspiration, advice, and comfort to anyone who feels they are being called to follow their dreams, but wants to do it in a slow, safe, responsible way.
– Create a community of like-minds to help each other make it through our day at work and never forget to follow our creative passions.
– Have an outlet for my own creativity and my love for writing and story-telling.
– Express my most authentic self, including all the bloody, painful, not-so-pretty stuff that makes me human, and shows you that it’s ok to be human too.

That’s Me! 🙂