Learning to Love Your Squish

I’ve lost a third of my body weight in the last 10 years. Given how many people struggle with being overweight, it’s easy to read that sentence and think, “good for you!” And it is good for me…mostly. I was technically overweight when I first started out, and now I’m…

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Anxiety and Your Creative Project

I’m struggling with my novel right now. This is what I expected to happen, but I think somewhere inside me there existed hope that I’d sail through the entire thing without any bumps in the road. After all, I started out so strong and clear. My excitement is still there,…

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Raw and Unfiltered

Am I Enough?

Am I a good writer? Do I have what it takes? Can I focus for long enough? Can I get the creative juices flowing? Will anyone (other than my boyfriend) recognize me? Will I be better than the others? Good enough to be published? Good enough to make a difference…

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