Staring at Trees: An Existential Musing

Learning about giftedness has helped me see myself more clearly. No label has ever described me better, from infancy to the present day, than Gifted. It captures my rapturous intensity, my vibrant emotions, my endless imagination. It captures my multipotentiality and the anxiety that comes with having to choose what…

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Gifted, Musings

What Is Gifted?

What does it mean to be gifted? Did you know that some gifted people don’t feel particularly intelligent? They see the potential of the human mind, calculate where they are in relation to that, and then logically conclude that no, they aren’t really all that bright. They’re simply smarter than…

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Raw and Unfiltered

Am I Enough?

Am I a good writer? Do I have what it takes? Can I focus for long enough? Can I get the creative juices flowing? Will anyone (other than my boyfriend) recognize me? Will I be better than the others? Good enough to be published? Good enough to make a difference…

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