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The Beauty of Choosing

Childhood Dreams Most of my life I’ve flitted this way and that between creative pursuits, never choosing a single one. My imagination took hold when I was very little, transporting me to bright and beautiful worlds. Vibrant in their realism, the real world drifted away as my senses let go.…

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Gifted, Musings

What Is Gifted?

What does it mean to be gifted? Did you know that some gifted people don’t feel particularly intelligent? They see the potential of the human mind, calculate where they are in relation to that, and then logically conclude that no, they aren’t really all that bright. They’re simply smarter than…

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Cubicle Advice

To Move, or Not to Move?

I like what I do for work. It’s true I’d rather be a self-supporting writer living in Scotland, pushing out a new novel every few months. But that’s my dream. That’s not my reality right now. My reality right now, what I actually do each day…I enjoy. I’m a specialist.…

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